Investors Keen On Stock Recovery Beware Of Cold Spring Advisory

The field of investment recovery is chock full of stock loss recovery advisors. However, people who have been duped by bad investments must be particularly careful when electing assistance from recovery experts, such as Cold Spring Advisory: they may not be what they seem.

Such specialists may ardently petition you to let them help you recover your money; but you must deal with them cautiously. Here’s why-

  • Tall claims and negligible efforts

Many of these stock loss recovery firms use aggressive selling tactics to get you on board, but fail to recover the lost stock investments, with you incurring new expenses.

  • High fees and zero results

If a stock loss recovery firm asks for upfront fees, according to FINRA, beware — the better and more legitimate firms will work on a contingency basis; if you don’t get returns they don’t get paid.

False advertising

Genuine experts do not need to rely extensively on aggressive selling practices and advertising to lure in slighted investors. However, people like Louis Ottimo aim to profit from vulnerable investors with the aid of questionable advertising, often targeting clients of a specific firm in their ad. Refrain from falling prey to such methods, and from cold calls. After all, if your information at the stock firm where you trade is confidential, where did they get your number and know to call you?

National Securities has filed a lawsuit against Cold Spring Advisory for theft of information, alleging that defendant has stolen said confidential information from National.

Remember, that several legal experts can actually help you sue the company that wronged you, provided you have tangible proof of misconduct. Hence you must avoid leaping to companies with questionable ethics, and steer clear of firms who have been disciplined by the securities industry, and/or been sued repeatedly.


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